Save Yourself A Service Call

If your Air Conditioning or Heating equipment is not operating properly, please check these items prior to calling. It could save you money!

  1. Is the switch on the side of the furnace in the ON position? (Heating or Cooling Season)

  2. Are the furnace doors secured?

  3. Is your filter dirty? (Heating or Cooling Season)

  4. Is the thermostat in the correct position? (Heat or Cool)

  5. Is the breaker switch in the electrical panel on? (Furnace or A/C)

  6. Are the furnace PVC vents clear of any snow or other obstacles?

  7. Do you have an energy saver from your electrical provider? (Note: This can cause 5-10 minutes shutdown of your A/C.)

  8. Many programmable thermostats have a 3-5 minute delay.

  9. If you set your thermostat back during the day it may take several hours to cool or heat your house to desired temperature.


If this has not helped resolve your issue after checking these items, please call us at (515) 310-1174 so we may provide you with fast and efficient service. Thank you for choosing C and K.

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